Toshiba Direct offers fantastic deals on previously owned machines that have been refurbished and put back in the market at reduced pricing. In these economic times another option is always useful and particularly if it achieves the same objectives.

Why consider a pre-owned office automation machine?

There are many reasons for buying or renting a pre-owned machine but one of the main reasons is the month to month rental option. Basically you rent the machine on a monthly basis if you want to cancel you give a month’s notice. No settlements.

Pre Owned Deals

Let us help you choose the most suitable pre-owned office machine!

Pre-Owned equipment is not suitable for all clients requirements. So an analysis of your needs can quickly determine what will be the best solution.

We do have a large stock of Pre-Owned and Refurbished Toshiba’s Duplo’s & Blue Multifunctionals, so we should have what you are looking for. Let us know what your requirements are and we will find a suitable printer for your needs. Alternatively, Please call Wayne on 0834501257 to find out more!