Four reasons why it is still a long way away

The talk of the paperless society dates back as far as 20 years ago even before Scan to Email, Smartphones & Tablets. There is no doubt that the digital age has made a major impact on how we engage with one another on a business & personal level. surprisingly However, in the age-old battle of print versus digital, why is it that print still comes out on top?

Printed media is surviving in spite of the predictions of some doomsayers. In fact, global consumption of paper has increased by almost half since 1980

So why is that?

Here are four reasons why people prefer paper over the screen:

1. People like engaging with printed Documents

Let take for example, you have received 3 quotations from different suppliers and you want to compare the quotations. You more than likely will print out all 3 quotes and then lay them side by side on your desk to compare, something that is not achievable on the screen. Complex information is also better absorbed in print than in digital, because people need to locate themselves in the text when looking at complex ideas – and that’s much easier to do in print than in digital.

2. Paper stimulates more senses

One exclusive quality that paper has compared the screen is just how tangible it is. Paper gives you a variety of different touch sensations depending on the size, texture & thickness. Also depending on the printing process, the smell of ink or toner on paper adds to the overall experience of reading something printed.

The tangibility that print has to offer also makes readers pay more attention to the content than digital does. This is because readers have to actively engage with printed content to read it – they have to pick up the content, hold it and read it. With digital content, they can passively scroll through it, without having to focus too much.

3. Printed Documents have their own benefits

When you think of a printed document, what do you think of? Excel Spreadsheets, Word Documents, Invoices. Board Packs. Each type of document has it’s own characteristics, such as paper size A3, A4 or A5, Colour or Black & White, Double sided or Single sided, Landscape or Portrait. All these characteristics are only presentable in the printed format.

4. Print attracts & captivates readers

When you have a hard copy in your hand you get an uninterrupted reading experience. This means that there are no distractions for a reader that is committed to finishing an article. Once they start reading, there are no other bits of news, auto-playing videos or pop-ups taking the spotlight off the article.

This means that a reader’s full attention is oriented to that specific printed page, which guarantees a greater engagement with the topic at hand.

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