Office Automation Systems

Office automation systems have become an absolute necessity these days. Consider how much time is saved alone - with lightning speed multifunctional printers, world-class telecoms solutions and reliable and fast internet access solutions. Here at Toshiba Direct, we believe in delivering the most suitable and cost effective office automation systems for your business. We understand how valuable [...]

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Why Choose Toshiba Direct?

Toshiba Direct prides itself on service excellence, outstanding quality and of course value for money. In today's high pace, expanding and costly world, we need to make every effort to ensure that our business costs are keep as low as possible. While keeping business costs low we also need to ensure that the quality and [...]

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The Paperless Society in the Office Place

Four reasons why it is still a long way away The talk of the paperless society dates back as far as 20 years ago even before Scan to Email, Smartphones & Tablets. There is no doubt that the digital age has made a major impact on how we engage with one another on a business [...]

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