We have put together a nifty list of the top 5 things to look out for when buying a new photocopier. These checklist points will help you make then best decision when buying a new machine.

1. Copy Speed

Look for the ppm or pages per minute. This will tell you what speed the machine will produce copies and prints. This also correlates with print volume – the faster the ppm (typically) the larger the print volume. The typical ppm is 25 – 45 ppm (pages per minute).

2. Copy Volume

This refers to the amount of pages (per month) that the machine is able to produce / process. Not sure on which option to go for? Generally the larger work group, the higher capacity copy volume is required. Typically the higher the copy speed, the higher the print volume capacity will be.

3. Scanning features

A digital multi-functional printer is generally capable of direct scanning to your desktop. these machines are generally quite feature rich and ideal for a high demanding office environment. These machines are also generally compatible with popular business applications.

4. Manufacturer

Go for a brand that is well known, such as Toshiba Direct. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your machine has been manufactured to the highest standards and with the latest technology.

5. After sales service

Once again, going for a well known brand will assist in giving you peace of mind knowing that once you have invested in your machine, the after sales service will be there. Dealing with friendly and knowledgeable specialists such as Toshiba Direct sales team will make it easy to manage any issues you may come across.

For more information about our wide range if multi-functional printers as well as a host of other services, get in touch with us and a sales specialist will be in contact with you!